Sathiko Sath: education for disadvantaged children in Nepal

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Because we want to offer underprivileged Nepalese children a chance to develop themselves into skilled and confident adults who can make a real contribution to Nepalese society. That is why we fund quality education, from the start of primary school through higher secondary or vocational training.

Sathiko Sath, de film kort in 1 minuut


Through a long-term contract with an excellent school in Kathmandu

Through our own homely and safe hostels close to school

By including children from several different ethnic groups

Through intensive educational and career guidance

Through active involvement of parents, for instance in the foundation's board

Sathiko Sath:friends together for friends.

Our logo derives from the ancient Buddhist story about the four friends, that is told and depicted throughout the Himalayas. The elephant, the monkey, the hare and the bird cannot achieve anything on their own; they must work together to succeed. The bird drops the seed on the ground, the hare covers it with earth, the monkey fertilizes it and the elephant waters in until it has grown into a beautiful tree. And then, by standing on each other's shoulders, they can all pick its fruits.

Sathiko Sath, de film

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Kies een van de onder het pijltje getoonde bedragen of vul zelf een bedrag in.
(scholing (t/m klas 10) resp. onderdak in het hostel bedraagt voor één kind €630 resp. €1100 per jaar).
Voor elk bedrag onze hartelijke dank!


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