Who we are


Sathiko Sath consists of two foundations, together constituting one whole: Sathiko Sath Nederland en Sathiko Sath Nepal.

Sathiko Sath Netherlands. This organization defines strategy, facilitates and supervises. It was founded on 4 March 2009 and has the ANBI-status, which means it is a government registered charity organization.

Sathiko Sath Nepal. This organization’s tasks are mainly executive. It was founded in November 2009, representing the parents and composed of parents. Since 2019 the organization in split in two boards. The Professional Board is the official one, taking care of control, finance, policy implimentation etc. It is listed with the District Administration Office as a Non-Governmental Organization and is registered with the Social Welfare Council of Nepal. On this basis, the foundation is acknowledged by the Nepalese government and is therefore exempt from taxes and other contributions required by law. The second board is the Parents Advisory Board, from where two representatives are also member of the SSN Board.

Sathiko Sath strives to achieve a balanced representation of men and women on the Nepalese boards.

Both foundations have their own boards and annual financial statements.


The board of Sathiko Sath Netherlands consists of:
Chairman: Charles van Voorst Vader
Secretary: Elizabeth Verkuil
Treasurer: Jantine Bouma
Member: Taco Remmers
Member: Irene van Elten
Member: Eef de Boer

Founders/advisors: Frans van Meerwijk, Hilde Noë

    CvVV, JB, EV / TR, IvE, EdB and FvM, HN.

All Dutch board members operate on a voluntary basis and receive no remuneration for their activities.
At least once a year, one or more members of the Dutch board are in Nepal to attend Nepalese board meetings and carry out further monitoring tasks.

The Professional Board of Sathiko Sath Nepal
consists of eigth members, two of them are representatives from the PAB and one from the government:

Mr. Basu Dev Neupane (President) / Shanta Subba (Vice-President) / Mr. Himalaya Raj (Himal) Ghimire
Mr. Sattar Sing (Supa) Tamang (PAB) / Mrs. Sharada Pokhrel / Mr. Tulshi Bahadur Ruchal (Chandra) Magar (PAB)
Mrs. Anju Malik / Mr. Radhe Shyam Kathayat (Representative Local Gorvernment) / Mrs. Laxmi Shrestha (Treasurer)
Secretary SSNB (without voting rigths): Mr. Ratna Kaji Dangol.

De Parents Advisory Board of Sathiko Sath Nepal consists of seven members, chosen from the group of parents of our children.

Mr. Sattar Sing (Supa) Tamang (President) / Mr. Tulshi Bahadur Ruchal (Chandra) Magar (Vice President) / Mrs. Kamal Sayangtang / Mr. Raj Kumar (Raju) Gurung
Mr. Lal Kumar Shrestha (Secretary) / Mrs. Khaisung Tamang / Mr. Kam Dawa Sherpa.

All members of both Nepalese Boards operate on a voluntary basis. They only receive an allowance for travel and telephone expenses.
Sathiko Sath Nepal holds a General Assembly annually in the presence of all the children’s parents. At the General Assembly, the annual accounts of Sathiko Sath Nepal are determined.

Our caretakers, -parents in Nepal, without them the hostel would not be there.

Uncle: Ratna Kaji Dangol / Auntie: Reba